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RFL Peterhead has begun!

Posted on: 01/07/2017

Finally the day came that Relay For Life Peterhead would start! This is the reason we all came here so we all got very excited to start our weekend and be a part of their Relay all weekend long!

When we got picked up and arrived at the field we went straight to the survivors tent where we said hi to everyone! There we would be waiting until the Opening Ceremony would start! We got to meet more people and we were pleasantly surprised when some members of the committee were wearing our t-shirts and gadgets!

We were very excited for the Opening Ceremony because we were asked to stand together with the committee up the hill as Lorraine would be introducing us to the whole crowd as their Belgian friends who came to visit their Relay!
Chris and Agnes also got to give their testimony about being survivors themselves and share their story, which was a great honor for them to do and I’m very proud of the both of them because they did a great job!

Then it was time for all the survivors to take the first lap and Relay for Life Peterhead had officially started!

After the first lap all the survivors got invited to the reception and even though my mom & I aren’t survivors ourselves, we got to go to the reception as guests and also as caregivers for Chris & Agnes, which was a great honor of course!
There we got yummy appetizers and sandwiches and lots of sugary treats, all very yummy in our tummies as usual 😋

After the reception we got time to walk around the field and experience all the activities that were done by the teams and all the things they were selling to raise funds for the Cancer Society. We also got to watch typical Scottish dancing performed by kids from a dance group. They all did a great job! Especially the little toddlers were so cute to watch!

Then it was time for our 2nd task of the day: participating in the dress up lap and as you might have guessed, that’s what those boxes were made for so off we went to get dressed and got our own purple wigs on too which we brought on our own as a surprise and luckily they matched our Chocolate Boxes perfectly! Being a lilliputter myself it wasn’t very easy to walk a whole lap around in those boxes but thankfully I survived and it was fun to do but we were all glad to take them off though 😂😂😂

After the dress up lap we got some time left to watch the games that were organized for the teams which also included the Elf Antics and it was soooooo funny to see! There were 2 teams which had to battle against each other! First they had to walk into rubber bands, then get into a dunk bath and grab something (don’t know exactly what it was but it was something they had to collect as much as possible), then crawl under a net and as for the finale they had to run across a wet part while they got attacked by others with water balloons, snow powder and sprayed foam 😂😂😂 Lorraine was one of the people spraying the contestants and she didn’t hesitate to come spray me as well while I was filming the whole thing so that explains it why you see part of the ground for a while as I was sprayed by hers truly (didn’t get my payback yet but don’t worry Lorraine, you will get one next year when you come visit my Relay MUHAHAHAHA (insert evil laugh😜)

Mom and I then took part of the Bingo game and the raffles afterwards and even though we didn’t win at the bingo game (altho I came SO SO close to winning as I only needed 1 number left to have a full house) we sure won big time at the raffles! Mom got 3 lucky raffle tickets and we got some great prices! Swimming pool for Chris’s grandson, Betty Boop blanket for Agnes and the cheese serving set for mom & I 😋

Then Lorraine came to get us for a challenge, which was actually an educational game! It was a whole ball bath where we had to get as many healing cells in 1 minute, that would take the cancer away. Those balls were marked with little dots so we each had to try which was really fun! Agnes was the big winner!

After these games it was time for the purple lap! Here we also wore our purple wigs to give our outfit the finishing touch (as we were already wearing our purple RFL shirts)
It was funny and cool to see everyone’s costumes they made or got! Some of them were very beautiful and there was even a very funny man with a very colorful hairwig😜

After the purple lap we got to walk around the field some more and see some more games done by the teams before we got back to our hotel to rest up a bit as it was a few more hours before our 3th task of the day would begin!

While we were having drinks at the hotel, we saw our new friends Ian and his wife who we met at the Relay earlier that day and we all had a drink together (bubbles of course😜) and we got to talk some more with them which was really nice to get to know them better! They visit different Relays every year and they chose to come to Peterhead instead of going to a relay closer to where they live which was nice of them!

Then it was time to go back to the field as we were expected to be part of another activity that night: Relay Got Talent! Together with Ian and his wife and Fiona we would be the judges for that night!  There were some really talented kids who entered the contest and it was cool to be the judge ourselves! We chose for Kieran as the winner with his rap song! He was AMAZING!!!! We all had a great time!

After the contest it was almost time for the Candle of Hope Ceremony.

We really loved the idea of all the luminaria bags standing in front of the HOPE sign with all the names of the survivors on it who were present that day!

First we did a lap to remember those who sadly lost the fight against cancer.
Then the ceremony started and we got some songs performed while a presentation was displayed with the names of the people from Peterhead that lost the fight and after that we saw a presentation with all the Global Heroes of Hope from North East Scotland and surprisingly they also included our own Global Heroes Agnes & Chris with their own quote!

Near the end they also showed all the messages that everyone wrote on their luminaria bags that were around the field and they also showed the quote we wrote so that was so sweet of them to display ours as well! We were very honored and touched by this sweet gesture! It was a very beautiful and emotional ceremony!

We had an amazing first day at RFL Peterhead and were very honored to be part in their activities as well!

Thank you Lorraine and the rest of the committee for including us💜

We got back to the hotel with lots of ideas we’re going to try in our own Relays and also lots of cherished memories to take home!!!



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