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The “Julia” tour

Posted on: 30/06/2017

Today we would be touring around Peterhead with Lorraine’s good friend Julia. Lorraine picked us up after breakfast, we chose for a typical Scottish one while Chris took a continental one, and took us to the Relay field where Julia would be waiting for us. After we got introduced to each other it was off for our tour!

First we drove to the harbor where Julia spend a lot of time as a kid as her father worked there. Was a beautiful sight and was funny to see all the seagulls all together, even on the cars 😀  The beaches here are so different from our Belgian ones! Here you have cliffs and rocks all over the beach while we don’t have that anywhere! The pictures don’t do any justice to these gorgeous views we had!

After driving around the harbor and surroundings we went to Julia’s golf club where we got high tea and scones (first time we had those and they were soooo yummy in our tummies😋😋😋 Here we met with her friend Irene who would be joining us for the rest of the day.
Once again we had an amazing view all over the golf court even though it was raining the whole day and a bit foggy… After we were finished with the delicious treats we got to take a look at the store of the golf club!

After our tummies were filled it was time for the highlight of the day: taking a walk on the Bullers O’ Buchan! GORGEOUS view way up on the cliffs! Our walk up the cliffs was still in the rain (hence our raincoats😂) but a little while after we got up it stopped raining and we could fully enjoy the views! Here you could really see how gorgeous Scotland really is! And here were major amounts of seagulls! We could stay up there forever! Was really breathtaking to be up there and we’re Julia forever grateful she took us up there! Once again, the pictures don’t do justice! This is something you just HAVE to see in real life!

After the cliffs we said goodbye to Irene and we continued our tour with Julia! For the rest of the tour she took us around where she lived, the farm of her husband and other places her husband rebuild for the community. We even got to see a deer which of course I called out as Bambi 😂 (I always call out for Bambi when I see one😂)

Last stop of the tour was having a yummy ice cream in a lovely place nearby before she took us back to the field where we would be helping Lorraine & Joyce setting up the survivors tent.

When we got to the field we were amazed how much had been already set up! The day before there was barely anything done and when we arrived the big survivors tent had already been set up and lots of the banners were already hanging up as well all around the field! As the whole committee was there as well we each gave them some t-shirts and gadgets from our Belgian relay and we were glad they were all so excited with it! As we got to be a part of their relay that weekend we wanted them to feel part of our own as well!

We helped for about 2 hours before we got back to our hotel to have dinner and rest up as we would have 2 long days ahead of us so we could use all the sleep we could get 😜

We had a very yummy dinner at the hotel and an even more delicious dessert! And then it was off to dreamland for all of us 😴😴😴

We had a great day seeing breathtaking views all over Peterhead and surroundings and will never forget those cliffs and rocks!!!



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