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Beach Boys & John Stamos in concert in Brussels

Posted on: 03/06/2017

When John Stamos posted on his Facebook page he was joining the Beach Boys on tour in Europe I just HAD to get tickets! So I IMMEDIATELY bought them!

Last night was FINALLY D-DAY so my friend & I left at my house around 3 PM so we would be in Brussels in time hoping I could meet John before the show! A little after 5 PM we finally got to the venue (after being stuck in traffic jam in Brussels city for over an hour) I tweeted John to let him know I arrived and asked him if it was possible to meet him before the concert as I had a present with me for him but that I couldn’t get it inside the venue because of all the security.

After waiting a while at the backstage entrance by the tour bus someone next to me asked the security if the band was already inside and we got told that they were still sightseeing in the city and they didn’t know when they’d be back!
Around 6.30 PM (after we’d been waiting for over an hour) a woman from the entourage came up to me and asked me how long I’d been waiting there. When I told her that we were waiting over an hour she suddenly handed me 2 backstage passes and told me that John asked her personally to give them to me! She told us where we needed to be and that she’d come and get us to get backstage because John wanted to see me before the show! This all wouldn’t have happened if my twitter friend Anna (@JohnStamosFans1) hadn’t tweeted John in my favor asking him to meet me by showing my pics from when I met him back in NY in 2012. So that’s how the lady recognized me!

When I got those passes we went back to the front of the venue and by then the doors opened to go into the lobby. I showed them my passes and we got inside but the doors to the stage were still closed so we had to wait till 7PM until they opened.

When the doors finally opened we went to the backstage area and waited there until they came to get us. By then Cindy from France (who I know from Twitter) also got there with her brother so we were the only ones getting backstage so after a little while the 4 of us got inside.

Not long after, the one and only Bruce Johnston came up to us and shook our hands (he even greeted me by saying “Hi gorgeous”😊) He noticed me holding the CD box of their 50 Greatest Hits and asked me if he had to sign anything so I gladly said yes and he also signed the booklet of The Best Man (the show I met John backstage in NY back in 2012)
He then started joking around with my friend & I and talking to us. All of a sudden he got handed the set list by the same lady who got us backstage passes and he started rambling all of the songs from the first half of the show in a speedy tempo! So funny how fast he named all of the songs😂 And then he saw the word intermission and that’s when he said that it was much needed to have one cause old guys like them needed a breather in a long show like that (the show is 2 hours long so they really can use that 20 min. intermission 😜)
And then he rambled out loud the 2nd half of the songs in the same speedy tempo 😂 and all of sudden he handed the set list to me! Said he didn’t need it anymore and then he left!!! Just like that😮! I was a bit stunned and was like: Uhm, guess this is mine now?😜He did say by and waving while he was walking away! Such a funny guy😂😂😂


We had to wait a little longer until we suddenly heard a familiar voice approaching😉
I was standing behind the corner while Cindy and her brother were standing at the other side where everyone saw them but for some reason when John came up to us he looked at me first and pointed at me shouting “I KNOW YOU” and then he did the same to Cindy too 😂 so he first said hi to her and talked to her for a lil bit asking where she was from (France) and how she’d been.

Then he came up to me and gave me a hug and asked me how I was and told me he was glad I was there! (Trust me, I was waaaaaaaaaay gladder 😂) and then he said hi to my friend and we just started talking and I immediately gave him my present I got for him (Hasseltse Speculaas which is a specialty from my city Hasselt, they’re called Shortbread cookies in English).
I also showed him my pictures from when I met him EXACTLY 5 years ago when he was on Broadway in a play called “The Best Man” and he remembered it all and he was glad seeing the pictures (probably reminiscing about the days on Broadway back then😉) and then we took a pic together😉

All of a sudden he took us down to the stage and he asked me where my seats were so I told him I had seats waaaaay up high on the balcony. My friend then explained to him that we had to get seats way up high because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to see anything as I’m a lilliputter😉(1m30) and that way I was sure I’d be able to see everything. He said that it would be better for me to get seats closer to the stage then so he talked about it with someone from the band and all of a sudden they got 4 chairs and placed it ON STAGE on the side! Like seriously! I thought he meant somewhere in the front of the stage but nope, he got seats for us RIGHT ON STAGE😮😮😮😮 No way anyone sat closer to them then we were 😜

The concert was AMAZING! The music of the Beach Boys just has such amazing vibe you want to party all the time and that’s exactly what I did! Well I sang along with all the songs I knew (only a few of them I didn’t know but most of them I did) so I sang my heart out to every song and was drumming along with my hands on my legs just like John was drumming on his drums! I also made video’s so check the links down below!

John drumming on “Be True” (I missed the part when Mike told that the song was made in the year John was born, they ALWAYS do that part in EVERY show he’s in so I was so happy when they did it here too and then Mike is always like: I start and then you do a SMALL solo drum but John always does way more and that’s when I started filming)

It was soooooo great seeing John drum and play the guitar because he’s really AMAZING at it and you can just see how much he’s enjoying it to be able to perform with his friends on stage!

As John always does when he’s on tour with the Beach Boys he ALWAYS performs “Forever” and I didn’t notice till today that John actually dedicated that song to me!
What was great of him was that before he started the song he told about what happened in Manchester and that they were only a mile from the venue that got attacked and thanked the Beach Boys for their uplifting music and that was so nice of him to do that!

Here’s the video I made of “Forever:  John dedicating “Forever” to me

The previous last song was “Barbara Ann” and, as they always do, they got someone on stage, a woman along with her daughter, and all of sudden John came up to me, grabbed my hand and pointed out to Cindy behind me and told us to come on stage too!

So I walked on stage hand in hand with John and we had to sing along with him! That was soooooooo much fun because “Barbara Ann” is one of my favorite songs of them and I ALWAYS sing along to that song! It also takes me back to that episode they did in Full House when the whole cast got up on stage to sing with them in Hawaii and now I was the one on stage singing along with them!!! SO UNREAL BUT SOOOOO COOL!!!
He was filming us singing along with him on his own cellphone the whole time too!

(The pics you can see below from us on stage were taken by Valerie De Pever so thank you so much!!!)
Thankfully Valerie filmed “Forever” too and you can see her video here:
John performing “Forever”

After the concert we got back to the backstage area because we were told they would get us backstage again after the show but after a while someone who was also waiting asked the sercurity if they were still there and he went inside to look and everyone had already left😢 so we went back ouside and went back to the tourbus hoping we could see John again and all of a sudden someone noticed the car they arrived in and the whole band was already in it but John was still taking pics with fans and he luckily noticed me too. Right when the security urged him to get into the car he told them he had to say goodbye to me first so I asked him to sign my CD and booklet first and then he gave me a hug and kiss again and thanked me for coming!

John: YOU are the one who has to be thanked! I NEVER in a million years thought I would meet you again and def. not in my own country for that matter! What you did for me is just unbelievable and mind blowing and I will NEVER be able to thank you enough for EVERYTHING you did for me😘💜 Still can’t believe everything you arranged for me last night!

I’m soooooo glad that EXACTLY 5 years ago I met you for the first time and here’s hoping I can meet you again because then I’m bringing my mom cause she’s now SUPER jealous she had to miss all of it (especially as it’s the 2nd time we met without her) so you just HAVE to come back on tour with the Beach Boys again so she can meet you too😉

I will NEVER EVER forget this day!!!


Love always








2 Responses to "Beach Boys & John Stamos in concert in Brussels"

Domi! What a lucky woman you are and what an amazing memory John gave you! I love hearing good things happen to good people! Thank you for sharing this and giving us mere fans a little glimpse of how kind John is. That is so nice to see!
Liz from Orlando, Fl USA

Thank you so much Liz! He sure is an amazing & sweet person! He really loves his fans a lot and this proves it!

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