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Posted on: 15/03/2015

Today was already our final excursion day😢 and it started with a delay cause the mini van who had to pick us up was 15 mins late!

When we got to the center point we saw 3 other mini vans who were gonna join us and to my excitement we saw Charissa again! She was our guide on Thursday too and was gonna be our guide today as well! She was happy to see us again too as we were the only ones she knew from before😉

She first explained on a map the places we would be going today before we left to go to our first stop.

This time the vans were divided by language: 3 vans with French speaking people and 1 with Dutch/Flemish ones (us)

Our first stop was in Veneguera where we visited a small museum with old subjects such as typing machines! We also so lizzards and turtles they had near the bar!

Our next stop was in San Nicholas where we got to take some pics of the beautiful nature such as a huge rock in 3 colors: yellow, green and blue.

Then we drove all the way up to the highest village of Gran Canaria which is in Artenara where we visited another cave house which was made into a museum. This one was way prettier😉

Then we drove to the highest mountain of Gran Canaria: Pico de las Nieves where you have an amazing view over Gran Canaria and way in the back you could even see the next island which is Tenerife!

Then it was finally time to have lunch.

After an hour we drove to our last stop for the day wich was the crater of Bandama! Here we had an amazing view too over the island!

Then we drove back South and got dropped off at our hotels again!

Tomorrow’s our final day already which will be a resting day😉😴

Enjoy my pics!




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