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Discovery Tour

Posted on: 13/03/2015

Hi everyone!

Today we did the Discovery Tour!

We got picked up at our hotel at 9AM in a mini-van. Then we drove to a checkpoint where 2 other mini-vans joined us. We were in the same van as the guide and she did her explanation in a walkie-talkie so the other 2 vans could hear it too while we were driving around. 

All of our guides that we have are Belgians who live here for many years so they do their tours in both Flemish and French (our 2 languages of Belgium)

Our first stop was at the Aloë Vera plantation where we got an explanation how they make all the creams and lotions from the plants. We even got to taste a zip of the plant but it tastes very bitter so not yummy at all 😝

Our next stop was in Aguimes. This is a very artistic village where we saw a lot of statues who each have their own meaning about Gran Canaria. They also have a lot of shops where they make their own souvenirs like jewelry and other stuff. Very pretty to see (as you can see on the pics) and I couldn’t resist to buy some earrings in the form of mini-shelfs. 

After almost an hour spending in Aguimes we drove to Guayadeque where there are 6000 people who live in real caves! It was amazing to see how they live! We got to visit 2 of those cave houses and they have everything we have: water, electricity, WIFI, TV, ….

After we visited all of this we drove a bit up the road where we had lunch in a cave restaurant. This used to be a major cave where people lived in but they rebuild it into a restaurant in the 70’s. We got some tapas for lunch there

Our next stop was in Bodega where they make wine! There we got to taste a glass of white, rosé and red wine.

Our last stop was in Fataja where we got 20 minutes to take pictures of the beautiful panoramic views before we each went into our minivans to get dropped off at our hotels again

Enjoy the pics!


Domi Demunter


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