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Aromas de Gran Canaria

Posted on: 11/03/2015

Hello everyone!

Today was our first excursion of the week!

First we went to Telde where we stopped for 30 minutes to visit the local church. They even had an aisle from Antwerp, Belgium! That was pretty cool to see!

After Telde we stopped in Terror which is a place of pilgrimage. There we also visited a church but also a perfumery with all kinds of perfumes, soaps and even jewelry (mostly religious ones). What’s also typical for this town is that the houses in some streets have special balconies. Very pretty to see the different kinds all together.

Our next stop was to Arucas where we visited the distillery where they make rum! First we had a walk into the factory real quick where you could see the bottles getting filled and labeled and after that we were able to taste different kinds of rum! So for the first time in my life I had some tastes of rum. 

Then it was time to have lunch so we drove up to Puerto de las Nievas where I had some paella for lunch.

After lunch we went to the coffee plantation where we walked around and saw all kinds of trees with beans, oranges, papayas,… and we also had a tour in the winery. There was even a picture hanging of Stephen Hawking who visited the place last summer! After the tour we were able to have a cup of coffee to taste with a piece of cake.

Our last stop of the day was in Playa de las canteras (beach famous for surfers which we saw a few of them on the waves) where we got to take a picture of the conservatorium and even cooler were the handprints on the ground from famous people. This is because they have a movie/music festival there each year and they asked the famous actors/actresses to leave their handprints behind.

After all of this we got dropped off at our hotels again.

Enjoy the pics!

Aromas de Gran Canaria




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