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Carnton Plantation

Posted on: 20/05/2014

Hello folks!

Today I slept in till 11.30. Guess I needed my sleep😊 ( been a hectic 2 weeks since we got to the states and haven’t had the chance to sleep in since then!)

Today we decided to go to the Carnton Plantation learning more about the battle of Franklin.

We took an Uber cab and got there around 1.30 PM. We bought our tickets for the tour in the house and then explored the outside yards before the tour started at 2PM.

The tour in the house was very nice to hear about the McGavock family that provided their house to become a hospital to take care of the wounded men during the battle. They also made a part of their acres into a cemetary to burry the soldiers that died during the battle.

After the tour we wanted to go to the Carter House but since we couldn’t get there on our own we needed to find a way to get away. Luckily a shuttle just stopped at the Plantation and he was going downtown so we hopped on it seeing where he’d take us. All of a sudden we passed the street of our hotel and luckily for us he was stopping nearby so we got off there and walked back to our hotel.

We stayed in where I got news that instead of hanging out today, we’d meet my friend David for lunch tomorrow.

So we just relaxed in our hotel untill it was time to go have dinner next door at Shoney’s so we’d be back on time for the finale of Dancing With the Stars!!!

Sooooo excited for her and I can’t wait to see the show tomorrow!

Enjoy our pics



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