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Santa Monica Pier

Posted on: 15/05/2014

Hello everyone!

Today was a very relaxing day!

Since we decided last night to go to Santa Monica Pier today we both slept in. At 10.30 AM I finally got up and got ready and after breakfast we took the bus for an hour and a half to go to the Pier.

When we got there we strolled down the pier first before we changed into our bathing suites to go on the beach.

I spend the first 15 minutes in the water where I got ducked under by the waves 2 times but that makes it more fun of course😝
After I got out of the water I sat on my towel for a bit more, getting dried and tanned by the sun😎☀️

After the beach we had a late lunch Santa Monica Boulevard before we took the bus to go to the Grove where I needed to buy Candace’s new book at Barnes & Noble😉


On our way back home we stopped at Hollywood & Vine to find my 2 final stars I really needed to take a picture of( and we found some others too😉

Then it was off to go home!

Enjoy our pics!

Santa Monica Pier



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