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Universal Studios

Posted on: 14/05/2014

Hello everyone!

Today was a very cool day! We spend all day at the Universal Studios!!!

First thing we did when we arrived there was Shrek 4D! That was soooo cool! It’s a 3D movie with a lot of simulations during the movie! It’s a whole different story than the movies we know, also with the original cast’s voices so that was cool! We sat on the front row so all the things happening to us were even more experienced for us than on other rows more on top I think😜
After the ride I took a picture with Shrek and Donkey who were waiting outside!

Then we went to Waterworld! It’s a stunt show of the movie! Soooo cool to see all the actors do the water stunts and other amazing effects!
Since we bought the Front of the Line passes we got a Behind the scenes show after the show where 2 actors from the show explained us a bit about how they do the show and then we could ask a few questions before they left. I took a picture with both of them afterwards.

After Waterworld it was time for lunch so we went to Flinstone’s Bar-B-Q where we had spare ribs for 2.

After lunch we continued into the park to Krustyland where I went on the Simpsons ride by myself.

All the rides in the park are 3D simulations but they’re really cool because of all the things coming at you and it’s like you’re on an actual rollercoaster!

Then we went on the Studio Tour where you get to ride on a shuttle trough the lots of Universal studios where you see a lot of the sets from movies and also Wisteria Lane from Desperate Housewives can also be seen there😉
During that ride we also had simulations of Jurassic Park ft King Kong and also experienced an earthquake and even Jaws attacked us😝

All very awesome even though we got splashed a lot but with this extremely hot weather, the splashing was very refreshing and it wasn’t all that much either😉

Then it was off to the Minions ride! Again I went alone cause my mom’s not really into rollercoasters so she always waited outside for me!

Since I saw Despicable Me 2 I really became in love with those adorable Minions so I really wanted to do this ride and it was awesome😉

Another cool thing about all of these rides are the fact that I’m tall enough to go on all the rides😀😀😀
In Belgium I’m always a few inches too short so I’m never allowed to go on the rides😢

After I got my picture taken with Gru and 2 Minions ( one of them was constantly giving me kisses😝) we went to the Special Effect Stage! There you get to see how special effect are being done and being added into the movies. Even a behind the scenes of how they did Despicable Me 2😉

Unfortunately the Behind the Scene tour for the Front of the Line passes was only after the morning shows and we went to the 3PM show so no extra behind the scenes for us

Since we did everything on the Upper Lot we went to get a milkshake at Ben & Jerry’s and took the escalators to the Lower Lot!

There you have the rides of Revenge of the Mummy and also Transformers are located here. I didn’t do these rides cause didn’t have much time left anyway but I did manage to take a picture with one of the Transformers and we were there just in time cause a few mins after me he left back in his cage cause it was almost closing time.
They also have the ride of Jurassic Park down there but unfortunately it was closed due to refurbishments or whatever they were doing on it😝

So basically we just looked around the Lower Lot, took pictures of the rides and then went back up to go to the souvenir store before the park closed. There I bought Minion slippers, so warm and soft and cosy😘

Then I went to get 2 of the 3 pictures I got taken ( the Transformers one wasn’t really good so only took Shrek& Donkey and the Despicable me cast. Mom took a picture of all 3 too but the ones I took were taken by Universal photographers and I got them framed😉)

Then we went back home and that was it for today!

Enjoy our pics!

Universal Studios



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