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Dancing With The Stars

Posted on: 13/05/2014

Hi everybody!!!

Today was the 2nd best day of my life(after meeting John Stamos😘)

First we went back to the Hollywood Blvd to find stars of the last celebs on my list from the Walk of Fame😉

Then we went back to our hotel where we had lunch at Wendy’s before getting ready for a very special occasion today😉

You see, I got invited to go to the Semi Finals of Dancing With The stars by none other than CANDACE CAMERON BURE HERSELF!!!

We had to be there at 3.30 PM to be on time for pre-taping which started at 4PM. We were there at 3.45 but it turned out that they were still checking in the guests so we got there on time after all🙏

I was able to sit in the audience with Candace’s family( who arrived after the pre-taping) and when I got to my seat I saw the name of none other than LORI LOUGHLIN sitting a few seats from me!
Barbara (Candace’s mom) arrived a bit after me.
When Lori arrived she said hi to me and asked me if I was Candace’s friend! Unfortunately I had to give my cellphone to my mom cause no cellphones were allowed in the audience ( altho Candace’s family had theirs and other people did too😒) so I couldn’t take a picture with Lori 😢

My mom was sitting in the green room during the show with Candace’s friends😉

The live show was an amazing experience sitting in the audience!
Unfortunately I couldn’t see much of the dances cause I was too short but I got a glimpse of it from time to time😉

As always, Candace was amazing and we were all soooo happy she got saved for the finals right away!!!

During one of the commercials she came to greet her family and that’s when she saw me too but we’d talk more after the show😉

After the show Barbara and I went back to the green room( which are basically just trailers) where my mom was waiting for me with Dilini and Andrea, Candace’s friends so I met them too😉
They all went to the restaurant where they’d meet Candace for dinner with her family after she got done with press and getting undressed.

Mom and I waited at the backstage entrance for Candace to come out😉

After about an hour she finally got outside, still dressed up in her outfit and wig😉

After she took pictures with her other fans who were waiting for her she came to us!

First I met Mark Ballas (her dance partner on the show) and the 3 of us took some pictures and then I took 1 with Candace alone as well😘
Then I gave her a little present while we were talking 😉

She seriously is the sweetest ever!!!
She said the sweetest things about me which totally took me by surprise☺️

After talking a while we said our goodby’s and went our seperate ways.

Mom and I went to this French-Vietnamese restaurant on Sunset called Pho where I had delicious fried shrimp dumplings and mom had some chicken salad.

Then we went home, took a shower and went to bed💤💤💤


Can’t believe I have now met my all time favourite actors from Full House (except for Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen)


Enjoy our pics!

Hollywood Stars



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