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LA City Tour

Posted on: 12/05/2014

Hello my friends!!!

Today our first day in LA and we decided to go on a tour all over the city!

We got picked up at 10.45AM and got to the office to pay for the tour. The office is located on Hollywood Boulevard and we had about 45 minutes before we were leaving so of course I went looking for the stars of my favourite celebs😘

Luckily a lot of them were on the street of the office and the street across so that made my day!!! Unfortunately the pictures of the stars of my world idols were over lighted because of the bright sun so have to go back to take a better one but had to go back there anyway cause I had a couple more celebs I still needed to find so that’ll be for later this week😉

At 12PM we left on the tour and drove trough La Brea Avenue and Marina Del Ray to go to Venice Beach where we had our first stop of the day. There we had 50 mins to walk around and have lunch as well. Mom and I had mini burgers as we only had half an hour left after we got back from the beach.

Then we passed by Santa Monica and Downtown LA where we drove by Staples Center. We had our second stop at El Pueblo where we had 20 mins to walk around. Nothing much to see, it’s a Spanish neighbourhood and there were a lot of souvenir stands and a group was playing on the square.

Then we went to the Hollywood Bowl where you have an amazing view all over LA. The driver said we’d only stop there for 5 mins so we didn’t think we’d have enough time to go up the stairs to see the Hollywood sign on top but it turned out that most of our group did the stairs anyway so we left after 10 mins after all.

Then we drove trough Mullholland Drive where we saw a few homes of celebrities and all of a sudden the driver pointed out to a house up the hills with a big D sign of Disneyland! IT IS THE HOUSE OF JOHN STAMOS OF ALL PEOPLE!!! But we were too late to take a picture of it😢😢😢 THIS WAS TOTALLY THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE WHOLE TOUR💕😘💗
We continued trough Beverly Hills and Bell Air where we saw a lot more celeb homes😉

At 4.30PM we stopped at Rodeo Drive where we had time till 5PM to stroll around the shops. Waaaay too expensive but pretty cool to see these famous stores anyway.

Then we drove trough West Hollywood on our way back where everyone got dropped off at their hotels.

For dinner we went to an Italian Restaurant down the road from our hotel.

Enjoy our pics!

LA City Tour



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