Domi's travels

Arriving in LA

Posted on: 11/05/2014

Hello my friends!

Today nothing much happened as we travelled to LA today.

This time we travelled with American Airlines! Even though we left with a delay of 45 minutes, we still arrived in LA on the same time as planned! It was supposed to be an hr and a half but after 45 mins we already flying over LA. Since it was a short flight I catched up on writing my journal since we left Belgium!

After we got our bags we took a cab to our hotel. During our ride we saw the Hollywood sign high up in the hills!

When we got to our hotel we dropped off our bags in our room, (where I received the most AMAZING news EVER but more on that in a few days😉) then went exploring the neighbourhood looking for a grocery store and a place to have dinner. The only thing we found for dinner that we both wanted was a Thai restaurant. Other places around are mostly Mexican food which is a bit too spicy for me🔥

After dinner we just returned to our hotel.

Enjoy the pics!

Arriving in LA



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