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Sightseeing SF!

Posted on: 09/05/2014

Waaaake up San Franciscooooo!

Today we got up at 7 AM.

After getting ready we had breakfast and that was a bad idea for me: after a few bites of my mini banana muffin I started having an allergic reaction ( nothing major, just some weird feeling in my throat like I always have, luckily I always have small reactions, no swelling up or anything)
FYI: banana muffins contain pieces of nuts and NOT pieces of banana like I thought they were🙈

So my dearest mom went to Walgreens to get me a croissant😉

After breakfast we left at 10 AM and our first stop was Washington Square where we saw some Chinese people doing their morning excercise😉

Then it was off to Coit Tower. Boy did we get a major dissappointment when we got there: the Tower was being renovated and didn’t open till NEXT WEEK! So we had to be satisfied with a view over SF from below instead on top of the tower. We didn’t go up the stairs to go to the tower but we did go down on them to continue our travels and it was very beautiful to see!

After the tower we went to Levi’s Plaza. Cool to see! Then we took a bus to Chinatown but we discovered we took the wrong one so when we got off we were close to Union Square where we walked to. Very beautiful parc there and great to see all the shops. There I saw a Cheesecake Factory so OBVIOUSLY we had to have lunch there😝 SOOOOOO YUMMY!!!

Then it was time to go to Pier 33 to board our ferry to Alcatraz Island!
Our ferry left at 3PM and we took the one back at 6PM. Those were 3 awesome hours to be spending there! We both took the ENG audio tour and you HAVE to take the English version cause then you’ll hear the real voices of some of the inmates and staff who spend their years there! Very exciting to hear all their stories! especially hearing about the big escape that happened there was just like you were there when it happened😜

The best thing that happened there was when we were on our way back to the ferry we went to have a look at this building on the military penetary where they have the theater and a book store when suddenly 2 people walked above us! Freaked us out like crazy😛 It felt EXACTLY like we were prisoners walking below and 2 guards are walking on the floor above you! SOOOO AWESOME😀😝👍

While we were walking back to the ferry it started raining a bit so we left just in time!

Back on the Pier, we walked to Pier 39 (by then the rain got harder) where we strolled around and went into every souvenir shop, and yes we bought some stuff, 1 of which was a gorgeous little bag, exactly the size I was looking for a long time back home!

At around 8 PM we went to have dinner at Luigi’s Pizza. ( pretty sure you’ll guess what we had there😝

At 10 PM we got back to our hotel, meaning we were gone for EXACTLY 12 hrs!

After selecting our best pictures and having a shower we went to bed, again past midnight😄

Enjoy our pics! Note: pics are out of order cause my mom’s pics uploaded first to the webalbums and then mine but on my Ipad they are in the right order but didn’t upload that way😡 so won’t be able to order them till we’re back home in 2 weeks.

Nevertheless, ENJOY OUR OUR PICS😎

Sightseeing SF

Tomorrow all you Full House fans are gonna loooooooove the things we’re about to do😘😘😘



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