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Travelling to San Francisco

Posted on: 07/05/2014


Our day started at 4.15 AM (mom) and 4.50 AM (me). We took the first train to Leuven where we transferred onto the train to the airport.

After we got checked in we went to have some breakfast. That’s when I found out that my friend Naomi was also gonna be on my flight😄
I knew she was also going to CA but didn’t know she’d also start in SF and def. not on the same day as me😀

Our plane to JFK left on time at 10.30. Everything went well, had a yummy lunch( sweet&sour chicken) and the snacks were very yummy too( food is better than on Jetairways😜)

You know the best thing about long flights? Catching up on movies that recently got released. I managed to watch 4 of them: American Hustle, Captain Philips, Dallas Buyers Club and I finished it off on a happier note with Despicle Me 2( gotta loooove those minions😎

At 12.15 PM EST we arrived at JFK. There we had to wait till 4PM untill our next flight took off! Naomi sat 1 row in front of us😉

On that flight the movies were $6 each BUT the kids section was all free so I watched 3 Disney movies: Frozen, The Lion King, and The Little Mermaid.

At 7.15 PM PST we finally arrived in San Francisco!!!

After we all took our bags, the 3 of us shared a cab to our hotels. ( note to Naomi: our hotel is further away than you’d think so it’s a good thing the cab driver turned around for you 😝

After mom and I got to our rooms and dropped of our bags we went on a walk around the neighbourhood looking for a place to have dinner. We found a very yummy Thai Restaurant👌

After dinner we returned back to our hotel, took a heavenly hot shower and went to bed a little past midnight.

Enjoy our pics

Travelling to San Francisco

Got an exciting day planned tomorrow!



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