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Fevela tour / Samba show

Posted on: 19/06/2013

Today we slept in till 9.30 AM. After we had breakfast we went to take a walk along the beach and on our way back to the hotel we went to a touristic office to book a Favela tour in the afternoon.

We went to 3 favela communities which was very educational because most of the favela’s in Rio and other cities are now pacified so no more drugs and criminality anymore. Only in the South of Brazil there are a few favela’s who aren’t pacifed and therefor still have drug gangs and criminality.

In one of the communities we visited we also visited a social project where they tutor kids after or before school and where they can go to while their parents are working.

After the favela’s we got back to the hotel where we also booked tickets to the Samba show before we left to the favela’s.

At 9.15PM the bus picked us up to go to the show. It started at 10PM and ended at 11.30 PM.

It was a great show watching all the different dances of Brazil and the amazing costumes!

Favela tour / Samba Show



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