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Itaparica Island

Posted on: 12/06/2013

Before I start talking about today’s day I have to tell you the amazing thing that we saw when we went out to dinner last night!

As we walking around the streets looking for a restaurant, all of a sudden we heard percussion drums coming from a street nearby. It was the Oludum playing ( group of an African percussion/dance school who perform every Tuesday night outside their school). They’re only girls. Was pretty cool to see them all dressed in the same uniform and their drums were colored as well.

But that wasn’t the amazing part of the evening!

After we had dinner we heard other drums outside coming from another street!

This time it was from a group called Maestro Santana( 5 men and 2 women playing percussion!

Really awesome! They were waaaay more amazing than those girls cause they gave a lot more show and behind them were a lot of people dancing along the music! Even people from the audience who were watching along joined in to dance!
It was already after 10PM when we arrived there and stayed there till 11PM. Could stay longer but we were afraid we wouldn’t get into the hotel anymore so we left.

As it turned out the hotel doors were already closed so had to ring the bell to get someone to come open the door.

Today was a very slow day!

After sleeping in till 8.30 AM and having breakfast we first wrote our cards to our friends and family so we could send them at the post office.

After we went to the post office and the bank we left to the real St. Fransciscus church where we saw all the shiny gold! ( apparently the church we saw yesterday was another one).

At 12.30PM we went to take a ferry to Itaparica island. We expected a lot more from it but the other Islands are the prettier ones but since it was too late to take a bus by the time we finished we decided to go back to the hotel. We only stayed an hr and half at the Island. The boat ride to and from the island was the most fun part of the entire day ( go figure😄)

Itaparica Island



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