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Downtown Salvador

Posted on: 12/06/2013

Today I slept in till 10AM cause I was waay too tired to get up early just for breakfast so mom saved me a sandwich and juice for when I got up.

After my breakfast we left around 11.15AM to go downtown to do some shopping in Mercado Modelo.

The cool thing about going downtown is you’re actually going down to the lower part of the city with an elevator! Pretty cool!

Before we went shopping we visited Sao Franciscus church where everything in covered in bright shiny gold and after that we went to visit the house of Brazilian writer Jorge Armado.

Then we went to Mercado to do some shopping! And this time real shopping cause I bought some stuff for myself as a souvenir😉

After the shopping we had lunch at a restaurant upstairs where we had grilled fish with vegetables.
After lunch we walked around the rest of the Mercado before going back to the uppercity by elevator.

There we went to visit the governor’s house before we went back to our hotel!

Downtown Salvador



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