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Visiting Brasilia Country club and the house of Kubitchek

Posted on: 08/06/2013

Today we left Caldas novas at 11AM, for the first time we left at the exact time they wanted to leave!

At 1.45 we made a pitstop to have a quick lunch in a place on the road.
At 2.45PM we were back in Brasilia where we visited the house of prsident Kubitchek first before visiting the country club nearby.

Before we went home Gloria wanted to stop by Cristiana’s place to see the twins for 5 mins but those turned out to be 55 mins before we left back home.

There we had another piece of the strawberry cake, nothing too much cause we were gonna go back to Cristiana at 9PM to have fondue. We left at 9.30PM.

When we got there we had some bread and cheese as appetizers.
After that we had cheese fondue but since I don’t like that I had some more of the cheese and bread we had before.

For dessert we were supposed to have chocolute fondue with fruit but that didn’t happen cause Matheus had a major nightmare and he just wouldn’t go back to sleep so both Cristiana and Gloria were trying to calm him down but that didn’t work so Cristiana stayed in her room watching TV with him since he wouldn’t go back to sleep. Poor boy! Luckily Gabriel slept like a baby in his own room and didn’t hear any of his brother’s screaming.

Meanwhile my mom and I played Rummikub with Gloria till 1AM when we went home!

After taking a nice hot shower we finally went to bed at 2.30 AM.

Country club and Presidential home



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