Domi's travels

Waterparks and Di Roma

Posted on: 07/06/2013

Got up at 8.15 AM. were supposed to leave at 9.30 AM but as usual it was an hr later before se left.

Today before we went to Di Roma again we spend the day visiting the other waterparks nearby. After visiting 3 of them we had lunch a restaurant in the city at 1.40 PM.

It was around 3.30PM we went back to Di Roma. Before we went into the usual hot pool, mom, Gloria and I tried out some of the other pools first. They were a bit colder but still fine.

This time we spent longer in the hot pool enjoying the heat.

At 6.30 we went back to the cabin where we took a shower before dinner. Gloria made warm bananas with cinnamon sprayed on it and melted cheese over it. May sound a weird combination but it’s a delicious meal tho!

After dinner we played Rummikub again till 0.30 AM.

Di Roma



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