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Touring around Brasilia

Posted on: 06/06/2013

Today was a very relaxing day. Slept in till 9( but already got awake at 8 bit stayed in bed resting cause mom was still sleeping).

After breakfast we went back to the shops with Cristiano to change the cable I bought yesterday (to put my pictures from my camera onto my Ipad) cause it didn’t work and Cristiano’s cable worked so went back to find one like his and luckily we found one that worked! So finally put all my pics on my Ipad!

When we got back home we stayed home till 3.45. PM when we left back to tour around Brasilia again.

First we went to see the Don Bosco church which was very special.

After that we went to a tower where you have a panoramic view of all Brasila.(as Cristiano called it: the Brazilian version of the Eiffel Tower😉)

Then we went to a shopping center to walk around and there Cristiano and I had a very yummy ice cream!

Then we went back home to have dinner. Now making blogs and reading emails and making our bags to go to Caldas Novas for 2 days!

Mom and I are gonna sort out our pics on the car ride cause it’s a 4 hr drive so plenty of time then and hopefully we’ll have wifi at their chalet there so I can upload them all tomorrow!

Touring around Brasilia



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