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Going to Caldas Novas

Posted on: 06/06/2013

Today we had to get up early cause we had a 4 hr drive up to Caldas Novas here we’d stay for 2 days.

We were supposed to leave at 9 AM but it turned out to be 10AM cause Gloria had to get ready and arrange a few things to take with us, which of course took longer than expected!

At 10AM we left and around 11.30 we made a pitstop to have a small bite to eat and take a pee πŸ˜‰.

During the drive mom & I finaly had the time to look at all the pics we already took and sort them out in the right albums. After that I read in my book, listening to my music ( theirs was waaaaay too loud and not my kind). Mom made her blogs of the days before on my Ipad.

At 3.05 PM we arrived at their cabin. After unpacking everything we got into our bathig suits and went to Di Roma. It’s a club where they have about 15 thermic pools with hot water, some colder than others. We went straight to the hot pool where we went in 3 times (as it’s hot water people stay in a bit, go out, go back in after a while and this as many times as you want)

At around 6.30 PM we had enough and spent till 9.15 PM playing Rummikub outside next to the pools.

After taking a quick shower to wash off we went to a restaurant above the pool and at 10.15 PM we left the place to go back to the cabin altho we didn’t leave right away cause at another restaurant near the exit the TV was on and the show that was almost done so they wanted to see till it was finished.

We got at the cabin at 11.15 PM where I spend till 1.00 AM teaching Cristiano how to transfer his pictures from his USB-sticks and camera cards onto his laptop. Went to bed at 1.30 AM

Going to Caldas Novas



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