Domi's travels

Arriving in Brasilia

Posted on: 04/06/2013

When we left Fortaleza we had a 2,5 he flight to Brasilia.

On the flight we had a chocolate cake and some crackers with cream cheese as a snack.

When arriving in Brasilia it was like we were back in Belgium: cold and raining!

After we got our bags we saw our friends Cristiano (who is Adalgisa’s brother) and his wife Gloria waiting for us. I recognized them cause they visited us when I was 8 or 9 and I still remember that day, even remember they gave me a little pink doll!

They were also very happy to see us again! Especially me because when they came to Belgium last year, I had to work since I just got back from USA the week before so I couldn’t take a day off so soon after.

First we went to the mall where we had pizza for dinner and then did some shopping before they brought us to their home, showed us around and then we all went to bed after being all packed out.

Final day Fortaleza / Arriving in Brasilia



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