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Beach Palace

Posted on: 02/06/2013

Today we all went to Junior’s appartement at the beach. Martina, her husband Jean and their 13 month old daughter Sara came too in their own car so we were both driving together to Junior. ( Junior and his family already left yesterday afternoon.)

Their appartement is in a gated comunity where you can only get in if you have a place there ( like in Toluca Lake)
There are a lot of people who live in the center of Fortaleza that have an appartement there and when the owners aren’t there they rent it to their friends or other people they know

We arrived there around 9 AM and when we all got our bikini’s on we went to the beach with the little kids Davi and Sara. Cauê was playing with his friends in the neighbourhood so he didn’t come with us.

After 30 mins we went back to the appartement cause it was too hot outside for the little ones.

At around 12 PM we had lunch at a restaurant nearby where they have all kinds of fish dishes. Mom and I took fried fish with french fries.

After lunch we went back and at around 2.30 – 3PM Martina and her family left already.
Then Junior and Marcia took us to another beach nearby where the fishermen go fishing with their boats and there are also a few woman who were making clothes and napkins with bobbin lace. ( look it up on wikipedia to see what it is)

At 5.15PM Tarciso, Adalgisa, mom and I also left home where we took a shower and then had soup for dinner.

Beach Palace



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