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Sightseeing in Fortaleza

Posted on: 01/06/2013

Today we slept in till 8.45 AM even tho we were already awake around 6 AM but we were still tired and was way too early so we stayed in bed😉

After breakfast ( sandwiches with jam or ham/chicken) we sat on the balcony outside and took some pictures of the house.

For lunch we had more company: Junior ( youngest child of Tarsico and Adalgisa) and his wife Marcia & 2 sons Cuaê ( 8 yrs) and Davi ( 16 months) and Maria Carmen ( oldest daughter of Tarciso and Adalgisa) joined us as well cause they didn’t have to work anymore in the afternoon.

After lunch Junior and his family ( who live in the same appartement complex as his parents but on the other side) went back home while Maria Carmen stayed cause she was gonna take us to show the city.

First we went to pick up her friend Vivi cause she lived 3,5 yrs in Paris recently so she was our interpretor cause Maria Carmen hasn’t spoken French since she was 8 so sometimes Vivi had to translate to her what we said.

We parked our car in the parking lot of the Mercado ( basically a mall but then on the outside with a roof, it had 3 floors but each floor has the same kind of things but in different shades and colors of course.

But before we went shopping at the Mercado they took us to the Holland ford ( a ford where Fortaleza was made, heavily protected by Military officers cause you need permission to visit the place.
It was really cool and to our surprise, the explanaition of the existence of the ford also had a Dutch translation!!! So weird to see so of course we took a picture of it😄, also took other pics of the whole place but when exiting you need to make sure your camera is in your bag cause it’s against the rules to take pics but because we had one of the officers as our guide h didn’t mind at all.😚

After the ford we visited the Cathedral across the street which was very beautiful!

After that we walked back to the Mercado but before we went shopping we all drank Coconut juice! So cool to drink out of a coconut also because in Belgium we don’t have the coconuts with juice in it but only the little brown ones that you have to cut open to eat the hard fruit from it. Here in Brazil they’re still huge and green and the fruit isn’thard yet, which is why the juice stays liquid instead of the hard fruit.

Then we went shopping before we went back home where we had dinner ( always soup with sandwiches) and some yummy cake for dessert😋

Now going to sleep at 10 PM cause we have to get up early for a very fun day!

Sightseeing Fortaleza



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