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On our way to Fortaleza

Posted on: 31/05/2013

On our way to Fortaleza

I got up at 5.45 AM cause we had to take 2 trains to take us to the airport. So we left at 6.30 to the station.

Our first flight to Lisbon was supposed to leave at 11.30 but when we got to the airport it was already delayed till 11.40, but we didn’t leave till 12.15PM.

It took 5hrs to get there. On the plane we got a sandwich with ham, ruccola, tomato and some kind of cream cheese. When we arrived at Lisbon it was gorgeous blue weather and warmer too ( a lot different from the very foggy, cold rainy weather we left behind in Belgium hehe😉

We thought we had to wait 2hrs when we arrived there at 3.15 PM BUT apparently Lisbon is on the same time zone as the UK so it was an hr back, which left us waiting 3 hrs before we could board our flight.
At 5.15 PM local time we left on a 7hr flight to Fortaleza!

Of course there had to be something going wrong when we got on the plane: they dubbel booked my mom’s seat! So I got to sit next to an old man in the 12th row ( which was both on our ticket) while my mom had to sit waaaaaaay in the back, on her own haha! But no fear: as soon as we were high up in the sky the hostess managed to get us 2 seats next to each other in the middle of the plane! So we got to sit together after all but it took a lil while and I didn’t know it was gonna be taken care of so my mom and I were texting each other to see where she was and what the hostess said to her cause to me she spoke in Portugese so I didn’t understand it except for 1 word: accompagnon so I knew she meant my mom 😄

The flight didn’t have movies like they have on the US flights so I read a bit but my eyes fell asleep during that so I decided to just listen to my music and rest, I slept for about an hr.

Our dinner we had was pasta with mushrooms for me and mom got a stew. We also had a salad with grapes and mozarella and for dessert we had a caramel pudding.

A few hrs later we got a ham-cheese sandwhich but I didn’t like it, wasn’t much hungry so didn’t eat anything then. On the plane I wasn’t feeling well after a few hrs, had a headache cause mom didn’t pack enough painkillers in our handluggage so couldn’t take anything for it so that’s why I wasn’t feeling hungry either.

When we arrived in Fortaleza it was 30°C: way too hot for us as we were wearing our jeans and sweater on the plane. ( As it’s always cold on te plane)

We got a big welcome from our friends Adalgisa and her husband Tarciso who were waiting for us with their youngest daughter Martina ( which took an hr and half because it took ages before my suitcase got on the baggage claim😚)

Martina drove us to her place where we dropped her off and then Tarciso drove the rest of the ride to their place where we’re staying ’till Monday.

When we got settled in our room we had some soup all together ( like they always have for dinner) and then we all went to our rooms to go to bed. Mom and I share a room and have our own bathroom as well so of course we took a shower before we went to bed at midnight!

Travelling to Fortaleza



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