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Downtown Franklin

Posted on: 02/08/2012

Hey everyone!

Today we slept in till 12 PM cause we were exhausted from these past few days and really needed our sleep!

At 2. PM we took the shuttle to the airport where we took a cab to Sweet Cece’s where we were gonna meet up with Mama Sue!

At 4 PM she and Keith finally arrived!

We went inside to get our bowls of ice cream and sat at a table with mama Sue while Keith sat at a different table with his daughter Caroline and her best friend Sydney!

Us girls had an amazing talk together! That’s the main reason why I love mama Sue so much cause I always learn so much from her and she always makes me smile!
She’s defenitely my inspiration!
Sooooo blessed to have her in my life! She’s like a second mommy to me!

After they had to leave Mieke and I went exploring downtown Franklin for a bit and we bought some presents in this gift store!

Then we had to wait an hr till our cab came to pick us up to bring us back to our hotel!

Enjoy the pics!

Downtown Franklin

Bye bye!



2 Responses to "Downtown Franklin"

sorry we were late Domi.. it took forever at the dentists office!

No worries Keith!

I hope everything’s fixed with your teeth! That’s the most important thing!

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