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Touring Nashville

Posted on: 01/08/2012

Hey everyone!

Today we had to check out of our hotel in Franklin cause we bookedthe rest of our stay in another hotel in South Nashville, close to the airport so we could do some stuff here as well!

We got picked up something after 11. AM by our friend David Browning who we were gonna have lunch with and who was so kind to hang out with us for a few hrs before bringing us to our new hotel!

He gave us a tour while driving trough Downtown Nashville which was awesome!

He took us to lunch at Cory’s Doghoude which is a hotdog place where they have insanely lots of different kinds of hotdogs and side dishes with it!
We just took a plain hotdog😊

After lunch we drove some more trough Nashville where he showed us some amazing things you’d never find while being a tourist on your own!

He also took us to Jeni’s, an ice cream🍦 place also with different kinds of flavors you’d never heard of! But since Mieke and I were still way too stuffed from our lunch we had some samples of different flavors we could choose from just do we could experience it👌😜

At around 1.45 PM he took us back to our new hotel where luckily we could already check in since normally it’s from 3 PM!

There said our goodbye’s and took some pictures before he left!

Was sooo great to finally meet him and get to know him better cause I didn’t know him, just met him very briefly when he was on tour with Everlife in Europe 2 yrs ago.


Enjoy my pics!

Touring Nashville



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