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Conduit church/ Lunch at mama Sue

Posted on: 30/07/2012

He everyone!

Today was an amazing day!!!

We got up at 6 AM, at the crack of dawn ’cause Amber & Jeremy were picking us up at 7.30 AM to go to Conduit Church to help set up everything!

When we got there they introduced us to everyone and I finally got to meet Darren, who’s the pastor of the church and founder of Conduit Church! I’ve known hom for a couple yrs on Facebook but we never actually met untill today so that was great!

After all the introductions we helped Amber set up the nursery for the babies/toddlers who stayed there during the church service.

Then we went back and a while later we got to hear the worship band do their soundcheck so that was great hearing all the songs they were gonna sing during the service!
The amazing part is that Amber & Jeremy are part of the worship band and Jeremy does the lead vocals and that was amazing ’cause we never heard him sing before and he’s really amazing!!!

The church service was really great and I learned a lot from it too!
It really was an amazing experience!

After the service we met some other amazing people before we left with Amber to get some food to bring with us to mama Sue where we were invited for lunch!

It was really great having the whole group together and this time Tyler & Krista were there too!

Mama Sue & Keith made an amazing lunch! And Julia and Travis each made some appetizers too and they were delicious!
For lunch we had a very delicious salmon with all kinds of fruit and we had water melon smoothies for dessert!

We had a great time all together and some hilarious laughs too!

Thank you Mama Sue & Keith for the amazing time!

Enjoy my pictures!

Luch at mama Sue



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