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Greenwich village

Posted on: 25/07/2012

Hello everyone!

Today started AMAAAAAAAZINGLY as soon as we got to the ABC studio’s!
We were there to meet Jamie Grace but first someone else WAAAAAAY more important drove out of the exit and even stopped: WHOOPI GOLDBERG!!! She’s one of the hosts of The View now and that’s the talkshow Jamie was performing on.

She rolled down her window asking: is it me you’re waiting for and we were like YEAH you are! So we asked for a picture and she was like, sure but we have to do it real quickly though and she got out of the car and TOOK A PICTURE WITH EACH OF US! Still freaking about this cause I seriously love her like crazy and never ever thought I’d meet her! Proves once more that DREAMS DO COME TRUE!

Jamie was in the car right behind her but she was so busy looking down at her phone that she didn’t see us standing there. She later answered me back that she had to rush back to the airport cause she had a show later today in another state but she was really sorry so hopefully next time!

After that we went to the Empire State Building. Lucky me got to skip the long lines again and this time without even have to show my card! I also got a discount for my ticket too! Handicaps do come in handy sometimes and why not taking use of it haha!

We got a combo ticket to take the skyride as well and that was seriously AWESOME!
It’s a simulation of a helicopter ride and it’s narrated by Kevin Bacon and sometimes it was a very bumpy ride which made it even more awesome!
After that ride we headed up to the observatory.

The view on the Empire isn’t as great as you get standing on Top of the Rock in Rockefeller Center but here you see the Chrysler building really close which you can’t see from Rockefeller.

After that we had our daily Starbucks fix where we also got to do our internet stuff.

Then we went to Macy’s where I bought Selena Gomez’ new fragnance which smells really good and the bottle is gorgeous! Hope I can bring it back home unharmed!

For dinner we had nacho’s at a diner one block from our hotel. It was super yummy but also a bit too spicy(but not as much as Chipotles) but luckily they had this white sauce where we could dip our Nacho’s in and that tasted a bit like cream cheese so that took the spicyness away!

Now we’re back in our room chilling and enjoying our encounter with Whoopi!


Enjoy my pictures!
Not much today cause my battery was almost dead so was lucky I got to take some today after all!

Bye bye



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