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Times Square

Posted on: 23/07/2012

Times Square

Hey everyone!

No internet yesterday so 2 blogs again today.

Today we went to Times Square which was really awesome ofcourse!

Since we had to wait till 11AM before the TKTS ticket booth opened we went shopping first!

We only went to the M&M store where I bought some things for my family that they asked me to bring back home.

Then it was almost time to go to TKTS where we bought our tickets for Sister Act!

Then we went to get our daily Starbucks fix before heading to Rockefeller center! There we first took 2 pictures at the photographer’s which we bought before we headed to the upper deck to enjoy the amazing view of NY!

After Rockefeller we headed to the theater and on our way I bought this amazing handbag that DOESN’T hurt my shoulder so from now on Annemarieke doesn’t have to carry it for me!

Sister Act was really great but my favorite Broadway musical still remains Phantom of the Opera which I saw last year!

After the musical we had a delicious dinner(dumplings) at TGI Friday’s!

Then we went back to our hotel to have a relaxing evening watching the Teen Choice Awards!

Bye Bye



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