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Mont Ventoux / Avignon

Posted on: 07/05/2012

Hey everyone!

Today was a great but very exhausting day!!!

Since there were barely clouds in the sky we went up to the Mont Ventoux first!

When we finally got up  there(by car of course! We did pass a lot of courageous cyclists who were riding up the mountain on their bikes ;)) we had such an amaaaaaaaaazing vieuw!!!!

The pictures don’t really do much justice, if you can go there in person, be sure to do it ’cause it’s breathtaking!!!

After taking in the beautiful vieuws we went back into the car and drove to Avignon

Most of you probably know the song: sur le pont d’Avignon, on y danse, on y danse! Sur le pont d’Avignon, on y danse tout en ronde!!!

But before we went to the Bridge we went to visit the palace of the Popes first!
Was pretty cool to see the whole palace!

After the palace we were very hungry so we went to have lunch in the city! We had mini-cheesepizza’s as you can see on the picture 😉

After lunch the highlight of my day finally came! We went to the bridge of Avignon!

We walked the whole bridge, and that was the exhausting part of the day ’cause there were waaaaaaay too many stairs to get to the bridge and everything up hill so those of you who think that I shouldn’t done the Mont Ventoux on bike, well lemme tell ya: I did all the workout in Avignon haha 😀

And as the song says I did some dancing while singing the song on the bridge hihi 😉
(for my US friends: the song I wrote above are the chorus of the song and it’s the first song you learn in French at school ’cause it’s an easy song to learn and it teaches you a lot of French words as well ;))

After the bridge it was time to go back home!!!

Enjoy my pictures!!!

See ya’ll tomorrow for the next blog!!!





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