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Lazy sunday

Posted on: 06/05/2012

Hey everyone!

Today was a gorgeous sun-shiny day!!!

First we had the idea to go up to Mont Ventoux but we quickly changed our minds since there were too many clouds so it was probably gonna be foggy (mistig: voor de vlaamse lezers ;)) and cold

Then we wanted to go visit a nearby town but we also changed our minds about that because I was enjoying the sunshine waaaaaay too much on our terras so I didn’t really wanna leave and it also hit me that it’s Sunday today so that none of the stores or souvenir shops in the cities would be open anyways

So it was finally decided to just stay home and get a tan (zonnen: voor de vlaamse lezers)

The sunshine was very hot(just the way I loooooooove it) so we quickly changed into our tanktops(spaghettibandjes) and enjoyed the weather ’till 5.30 PM!!! Then the sunshine went away and we quickly changed back into our jeans and long-sleeve shirts ๐Ÿ˜€

Now we’re gonna have a nice meal outside and then we’re gonna play some games(Yathzee, Mille Bornes) and have a relaxing evening!!!

We also took some pictures of our house we’re staying in so everyone can see how beautiful it is here!

That’s it for now!

See ya’ll tomorrow!!!




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