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Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island/ Ground Zero

Posted on: 16/06/2011

Hey everyone!!!

Today was a very early and busy day for us!!!

We had to get up at 7.30 AM to be on time for the ferry to Statue of Liberty!!!
We took the ferry to Staten Island first ’cause we thought that was the one to the Statue but it isn’t so we got back right away!
Oh well, now we can also say we went to Staten Island, even for just 15 mins 😀

When we got back we went to Battery Park(which is right where we were the first time) and we were finally on our way to Statue of Liberty!!!
We didn’t go on it ’cause we didn’t buy a ticket for that but we have some pics down right in front of the Lady so that’s enough for us 😉

After the Statue we took the ferry to Ellis Island which was very interesting too how all those immigrants got into the USA!!!
We also had lunch there and I finally had my very first burger and curly fries!!! (Both were very yummy by the way;)!!!)

When we were finished we took the ferry back to NYC where we went to Ground Zero!
That was super emotional for me to read all those stories and see all those pics and all, soooooooo horrible it happened and this year is the 10th anniversary so it was kinda special for me to visiting it all this year, 10 years after it all happened!!!

After we visited the museum we came straight home and now we’re just gonna relax!!!

Enjoy the pics:



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