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Hanging out with Sarah & her mama!!!

Posted on: 10/06/2011

Hello everyone!

Today I got to hang out with Sarah ’cause it’s the last day I got to see her ’cause she’s gotta work late tomorrow & Saturday and we’re leaving on Sunday morning so we won’t be able to see her again 😥 😥 😥

We met up at Starbucks in Cool Springs so mom & I took the bus to Old Hickory Road and from there we took a cab to Starbucks

There Sarah & Gage picked us up and we went back to her place ’cause she had to take her car there so we went inside for a bit while Gage was packing his things ’cause he went back home today. There I got to meet her 2 dogs Roadie & Beauty! So awesome and they’re both amazingly nice dogs!!!

After that Sarah & us went to have lunch at her Mama’s which was amazing!!! Been looking forward to meeting her all this time so we were both really excited we finally got to meet each other!!!

Mama Sue made an incredible lunch! Everything home made and it was soooooooooo good!!!
We all had a great time!!!

After lunch Sarah & us went to go shopping in Spring Hills Mall for a little bit before she took us back to the bus stop

Normally we had a bus in the next 5 mins when we arrived but those 5 mins turned into 1,5 hrs and still no buses to be found(altho there should’ve been 2 buses already that should’ve passed by our bus stop)

After 1,5 hrs mom called a cab but we didn’t take it because when we were standing there a family drove by and asked if we wanted a lift!

The funny thing is that the husband saw us an hr before when he was driving back home from work and when they had to go pick up their daughter they drove by again and saw us still standing there so they stopped and told us they wanted to give us a lift back home. After a little hesitation we accepted(after all, it was all the other way so we didn’t want to bother them but they insisted so we couldn’t refuse)

They were really nice people!!!
So amazing ’cause all Nashvillians are really nice people, so incredibly kind!!!

So we got back home safe & sound after all!

It was an adventure but we made it 😀

No pictures today which sucks because I really wanted a picture with Mama Sue but I completely forgot because we were having such a great time all together!!!

Bye bye!



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