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Leaving to Nashville!!!

Posted on: 08/06/2011

Hey everyone!!!

It all started this morning at 6.15 AM when my mom, brother & I left to the Brussels Airport!!!
When we arrived there and were checked in, my mom & I had breakfast. After that we said our goodbyes
to my brother and then we went trough security and went to our boarding gate waiting for our flight to leave!!!

First flight was to NY with Jetairways India. So of course everything was Indian, especially the food! Curry rice chicken(it was very yummy but a bit too spicy for me haha) We did leave 50 mins late ’cause there was a technical defect that had to be fixed first but luckily it all got fixed so we were able to leave!!!

When we finally arrived at Newark Airport after 7,5 hrs we got assistance to get to our next flight! And boy were we lucky we had it ’cause we had to get our bags(which took forever!!!), check them back in and then go trough security! But luckily we were able to skip all the lines so we were always passing everyone by who were waiting in line ๐Ÿ˜›
So thanks to that we were able to get our next flight to Chicago just in time!!!

When we got in Chicago after an 1,5 hr flight we had our very first US meal: Manny’s cheese pizza, which was very good!!!

Then it was off to NASHVILLE!!! Also an 1,5 hr flight! We arrived around 7PM CST(2AM Belgian time)! From BNA we took a shuttle to our hotel and got settled in!

After we were settled we decided to take a walk around the block and explore the neighbourhood in search of a store or something!

We went to bed at 11.30PM CST!!!

We had a great trip and it was a little bitty exhausting but it was alright!!!

You can watch all the pictures here:



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