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Sadly this was already our final day here in Peterhead😢 😢 😢


We got back to the field around 10AM so we would be able to walk around a bit before the ceremony for the Spirit Awards would start. Once again we were invited to sit right in the front 😉

Before the Awards were given Lorraine also gave a huuuuuuuuuuuge boucquet of flowers to Fiona to thank her for everything she had done for them! What they didn’t think of was that Fiona was the one to bring us back to the airport so it was 3 of us in the back WITH those HUGE flowers on top of us (as you will see by the pictures I was TOTALLY covered by the flowers 😂😂😂) Little problem was that we had to drive back to our hotel first to get our luggage so it was twice getting the flowers in and out of the car but we managed!


The Award ceremony is meant to give some prices to the teams such as Best Dressed, Best banner, Best team,…. There were 8 Spirit Awards to be given!

After the Spirit Awards were given, Lorraine then asked us to come forward and we were given a little present as well! We were given 2 batons: one for each one of our Relays! Agnes for hers in Sint-Truiden and Chris, mom & I for ours in Hasselt! Such a special gift to get! And they even had the batton in purple so it was all in the RFL colors! Such an honor!


Then it was time for the final lap around the court with everyone before the grand finale of the weekend: the Closing Ceremony where we would find out how much money they had raised this weekend for the Cancer Society!
And boy did they raise a lot of money! An amazing amount of none less than 151 679,42£

It’s amazing how much money they raised for such a small comunity! Even we don’t raise that much money in Hasselt and we’re the capital city of our Province, so Peterhead did an amazing job raising all these funds together!

After the Opening Ceremony it was time to say our goodbye’s to everyone as we would head back to the hotel to pack our final things while the committee was clearing the field before we would get to lunch together with Fiona and Lorraine at 12.30PM.

We were amazed that only 15 minutes after the ceremony most of the field was already empty! Unlike in Belgium the teams started packing up their tents and stuff before the Opening Ceremony would start. In Belgium they HAVE to wait until AFTER the ceremony to start packing up because they’re not allowed to drive the cars up on the field before.

After we packed everything we took some pictures of our hotel as we forgot to do it when we arrived 😉

At 12.30PM Fiona picked us up to get lunch with her and Lorraine. Unfortunately Joyce couldn’t join us so we didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to her as we thought we’d see her at lunch 😢😢😢


While everyone got beef stew pies Fiona and I had burgers! And it’s a good thing I did because those pies were HUUUUUGE! I barely finished my burger so I definitely would NOT be able to eat that whole pie! It was even a lot for mom, Chris & Agnes to finish😂😂😂 but it was all very yummy😋!

We were very sad when we had to say our goodbye’s to Lorraine as Fiona had to take us back to the airport😢😢😢


At the airport we also had to say our goodbye’s to Fiona as well 😢😢😢


We had such a special time that we will NEVER EVER forget and we seriously can’t wait to see Lorraine, Fiona and Joyce again next year when they’ll be visiting us at our Relay in Hasselt😘💜

We definitely made FRIENDS FOR LIFE😘💜



Finally the day came that Relay For Life Peterhead would start! This is the reason we all came here so we all got very excited to start our weekend and be a part of their Relay all weekend long!

When we got picked up and arrived at the field we went straight to the survivors tent where we said hi to everyone! There we would be waiting until the Opening Ceremony would start! We got to meet more people and we were pleasantly surprised when some members of the committee were wearing our t-shirts and gadgets!

We were very excited for the Opening Ceremony because we were asked to stand together with the committee up the hill as Lorraine would be introducing us to the whole crowd as their Belgian friends who came to visit their Relay!
Chris and Agnes also got to give their testimony about being survivors themselves and share their story, which was a great honor for them to do and I’m very proud of the both of them because they did a great job!

Then it was time for all the survivors to take the first lap and Relay for Life Peterhead had officially started!

After the first lap all the survivors got invited to the reception and even though my mom & I aren’t survivors ourselves, we got to go to the reception as guests and also as caregivers for Chris & Agnes, which was a great honor of course!
There we got yummy appetizers and sandwiches and lots of sugary treats, all very yummy in our tummies as usual 😋

After the reception we got time to walk around the field and experience all the activities that were done by the teams and all the things they were selling to raise funds for the Cancer Society. We also got to watch typical Scottish dancing performed by kids from a dance group. They all did a great job! Especially the little toddlers were so cute to watch!

Then it was time for our 2nd task of the day: participating in the dress up lap and as you might have guessed, that’s what those boxes were made for so off we went to get dressed and got our own purple wigs on too which we brought on our own as a surprise and luckily they matched our Chocolate Boxes perfectly! Being a lilliputter myself it wasn’t very easy to walk a whole lap around in those boxes but thankfully I survived and it was fun to do but we were all glad to take them off though 😂😂😂

After the dress up lap we got some time left to watch the games that were organized for the teams which also included the Elf Antics and it was soooooo funny to see! There were 2 teams which had to battle against each other! First they had to walk into rubber bands, then get into a dunk bath and grab something (don’t know exactly what it was but it was something they had to collect as much as possible), then crawl under a net and as for the finale they had to run across a wet part while they got attacked by others with water balloons, snow powder and sprayed foam 😂😂😂 Lorraine was one of the people spraying the contestants and she didn’t hesitate to come spray me as well while I was filming the whole thing so that explains it why you see part of the ground for a while as I was sprayed by hers truly (didn’t get my payback yet but don’t worry Lorraine, you will get one next year when you come visit my Relay MUHAHAHAHA (insert evil laugh😜)

Mom and I then took part of the Bingo game and the raffles afterwards and even though we didn’t win at the bingo game (altho I came SO SO close to winning as I only needed 1 number left to have a full house) we sure won big time at the raffles! Mom got 3 lucky raffle tickets and we got some great prices! Swimming pool for Chris’s grandson, Betty Boop blanket for Agnes and the cheese serving set for mom & I 😋

Then Lorraine came to get us for a challenge, which was actually an educational game! It was a whole ball bath where we had to get as many healing cells in 1 minute, that would take the cancer away. Those balls were marked with little dots so we each had to try which was really fun! Agnes was the big winner!

After these games it was time for the purple lap! Here we also wore our purple wigs to give our outfit the finishing touch (as we were already wearing our purple RFL shirts)
It was funny and cool to see everyone’s costumes they made or got! Some of them were very beautiful and there was even a very funny man with a very colorful hairwig😜

After the purple lap we got to walk around the field some more and see some more games done by the teams before we got back to our hotel to rest up a bit as it was a few more hours before our 3th task of the day would begin!

While we were having drinks at the hotel, we saw our new friends Ian and his wife who we met at the Relay earlier that day and we all had a drink together (bubbles of course😜) and we got to talk some more with them which was really nice to get to know them better! They visit different Relays every year and they chose to come to Peterhead instead of going to a relay closer to where they live which was nice of them!

Then it was time to go back to the field as we were expected to be part of another activity that night: Relay Got Talent! Together with Ian and his wife and Fiona we would be the judges for that night!  There were some really talented kids who entered the contest and it was cool to be the judge ourselves! We chose for Kieran as the winner with his rap song! He was AMAZING!!!! We all had a great time!

After the contest it was almost time for the Candle of Hope Ceremony.

We really loved the idea of all the luminaria bags standing in front of the HOPE sign with all the names of the survivors on it who were present that day!

First we did a lap to remember those who sadly lost the fight against cancer.
Then the ceremony started and we got some songs performed while a presentation was displayed with the names of the people from Peterhead that lost the fight and after that we saw a presentation with all the Global Heroes of Hope from North East Scotland and surprisingly they also included our own Global Heroes Agnes & Chris with their own quote!

Near the end they also showed all the messages that everyone wrote on their luminaria bags that were around the field and they also showed the quote we wrote so that was so sweet of them to display ours as well! We were very honored and touched by this sweet gesture! It was a very beautiful and emotional ceremony!

We had an amazing first day at RFL Peterhead and were very honored to be part in their activities as well!

Thank you Lorraine and the rest of the committee for including us💜

We got back to the hotel with lots of ideas we’re going to try in our own Relays and also lots of cherished memories to take home!!!


Today we would be touring around Peterhead with Lorraine’s good friend Julia. Lorraine picked us up after breakfast, we chose for a typical Scottish one while Chris took a continental one, and took us to the Relay field where Julia would be waiting for us. After we got introduced to each other it was off for our tour!

First we drove to the harbor where Julia spend a lot of time as a kid as her father worked there. Was a beautiful sight and was funny to see all the seagulls all together, even on the cars 😀  The beaches here are so different from our Belgian ones! Here you have cliffs and rocks all over the beach while we don’t have that anywhere! The pictures don’t do any justice to these gorgeous views we had!

After driving around the harbor and surroundings we went to Julia’s golf club where we got high tea and scones (first time we had those and they were soooo yummy in our tummies😋😋😋 Here we met with her friend Irene who would be joining us for the rest of the day.
Once again we had an amazing view all over the golf court even though it was raining the whole day and a bit foggy… After we were finished with the delicious treats we got to take a look at the store of the golf club!

After our tummies were filled it was time for the highlight of the day: taking a walk on the Bullers O’ Buchan! GORGEOUS view way up on the cliffs! Our walk up the cliffs was still in the rain (hence our raincoats😂) but a little while after we got up it stopped raining and we could fully enjoy the views! Here you could really see how gorgeous Scotland really is! And here were major amounts of seagulls! We could stay up there forever! Was really breathtaking to be up there and we’re Julia forever grateful she took us up there! Once again, the pictures don’t do justice! This is something you just HAVE to see in real life!

After the cliffs we said goodbye to Irene and we continued our tour with Julia! For the rest of the tour she took us around where she lived, the farm of her husband and other places her husband rebuild for the community. We even got to see a deer which of course I called out as Bambi 😂 (I always call out for Bambi when I see one😂)

Last stop of the tour was having a yummy ice cream in a lovely place nearby before she took us back to the field where we would be helping Lorraine & Joyce setting up the survivors tent.

When we got to the field we were amazed how much had been already set up! The day before there was barely anything done and when we arrived the big survivors tent had already been set up and lots of the banners were already hanging up as well all around the field! As the whole committee was there as well we each gave them some t-shirts and gadgets from our Belgian relay and we were glad they were all so excited with it! As we got to be a part of their relay that weekend we wanted them to feel part of our own as well!

We helped for about 2 hours before we got back to our hotel to have dinner and rest up as we would have 2 long days ahead of us so we could use all the sleep we could get 😜

We had a very yummy dinner at the hotel and an even more delicious dessert! And then it was off to dreamland for all of us 😴😴😴

We had a great day seeing breathtaking views all over Peterhead and surroundings and will never forget those cliffs and rocks!!!


Finally the day came my mom & I would leave to Scotland together with our 2 best friends Chris & Agnes! We got invited to go to Relay for Life Peterhead so we were glad we could join Chris & Agnes on this invitation!

We had to get up at 3AM already because Agnes would pick us all up at my place around 4AM as we had another 2hr drive to Amsterdam Airport to take our plane to Aberdeen!

The flight only took 1h30min so it went by very quickly.


After we passed border control and got our bag we finally got to meet our friend Fiona who was waiting for us! She’s the Senior Local Fundraising Manager of the UK Cancer Society.

First we got some lunch next to the beach which had a great view even though it was very rainy and foggy.

After lunch it was off to the whiskey distillery of GlenGarioch (pronounced Glengeerick) where we got a tour how their distillery made their local whiskey!

We also got to taste 2 kinds of whiskey but as I’m not a whiskey person I declined but I did get a tiny bottle with me with each kind to take home with me so my mom got to have extra as those bottles were for her too 😉

After the tour we finally got to go to our friend Lorraine where we would have dinner!
She’s the chairwoman of Relay for Life Peterhead.
Was so great to finally meet her! She’s a crazy person but she’s very sweet and fun to hang out with so I was happy to finally meet her in person!
While we were waiting for Joyce (vice chair of Relay Peterhead) to arrive we got to know each other first and talked about how we organize Relay’s here in Belgium and what differences there are between Belgium and UK Relay’s! So we learned a lot from each other already on such short time!

Right before Fiona had to leave she gave Lorraine a package that got send to her from the USA for Lorraine so she opened that and we got pictures with it all together! It was a huge blanket made from different T-shirts from the US Relay’s! Pretty jealous of it myself actually, so I was glad to take a picture with it 😜

Right before we got dinner Lorraine and Joyce had a surprise for us! They showed us our costumes we would be wearing on Saturday during the dress up lap and boy did we get surprised!!! The theme this year was Sweets and since we’re from Belgium there’s 1 obvious choice for us to wear of course…. CHOCOLATES!!!
So they made us Chocolade boxes for us to wear! And let me tell ya, it is NOT easy to put those on so they had to help a lot before we got into it but we managed😂😂😂😂

For dinner we had yummy salmon made by Lorraine’s friend!

After dinner we got to go to the field where we would see where the Relay would take place that weekend and when we got there we got another big surprise! They had a huuuuuge banner made for us as a welcome present! Totally crazy and unexpected but we were sooooo honored😘💜


After we walked around the field they brought us back to the hotel so we could have some rest as we were very tired from travelling the whole day so we had some drinks in the bar before we got to bed

Great first day in Scotland but we were glad to get to the hotel and put our feet up😉


When John Stamos posted on his Facebook page he was joining the Beach Boys on tour in Europe I just HAD to get tickets! So I IMMEDIATELY bought them!

Last night was FINALLY D-DAY so my friend & I left at my house around 3 PM so we would be in Brussels in time hoping I could meet John before the show! A little after 5 PM we finally got to the venue (after being stuck in traffic jam in Brussels city for over an hour) I tweeted John to let him know I arrived and asked him if it was possible to meet him before the concert as I had a present with me for him but that I couldn’t get it inside the venue because of all the security.

After waiting a while at the backstage entrance by the tour bus someone next to me asked the security if the band was already inside and we got told that they were still sightseeing in the city and they didn’t know when they’d be back!
Around 6.30 PM (after we’d been waiting for over an hour) a woman from the entourage came up to me and asked me how long I’d been waiting there. When I told her that we were waiting over an hour she suddenly handed me 2 backstage passes and told me that John asked her personally to give them to me! She told us where we needed to be and that she’d come and get us to get backstage because John wanted to see me before the show! This all wouldn’t have happened if my twitter friend Anna (@JohnStamosFans1) hadn’t tweeted John in my favor asking him to meet me by showing my pics from when I met him back in NY in 2012. So that’s how the lady recognized me!

When I got those passes we went back to the front of the venue and by then the doors opened to go into the lobby. I showed them my passes and we got inside but the doors to the stage were still closed so we had to wait till 7PM until they opened.

When the doors finally opened we went to the backstage area and waited there until they came to get us. By then Cindy from France (who I know from Twitter) also got there with her brother so we were the only ones getting backstage so after a little while the 4 of us got inside.

Not long after, the one and only Bruce Johnston came up to us and shook our hands (he even greeted me by saying “Hi gorgeous”😊) He noticed me holding the CD box of their 50 Greatest Hits and asked me if he had to sign anything so I gladly said yes and he also signed the booklet of The Best Man (the show I met John backstage in NY back in 2012)
He then started joking around with my friend & I and talking to us. All of a sudden he got handed the set list by the same lady who got us backstage passes and he started rambling all of the songs from the first half of the show in a speedy tempo! So funny how fast he named all of the songs😂 And then he saw the word intermission and that’s when he said that it was much needed to have one cause old guys like them needed a breather in a long show like that (the show is 2 hours long so they really can use that 20 min. intermission 😜)
And then he rambled out loud the 2nd half of the songs in the same speedy tempo 😂 and all of sudden he handed the set list to me! Said he didn’t need it anymore and then he left!!! Just like that😮! I was a bit stunned and was like: Uhm, guess this is mine now?😜He did say by and waving while he was walking away! Such a funny guy😂😂😂


We had to wait a little longer until we suddenly heard a familiar voice approaching😉
I was standing behind the corner while Cindy and her brother were standing at the other side where everyone saw them but for some reason when John came up to us he looked at me first and pointed at me shouting “I KNOW YOU” and then he did the same to Cindy too 😂 so he first said hi to her and talked to her for a lil bit asking where she was from (France) and how she’d been.

Then he came up to me and gave me a hug and asked me how I was and told me he was glad I was there! (Trust me, I was waaaaaaaaaay gladder 😂) and then he said hi to my friend and we just started talking and I immediately gave him my present I got for him (Hasseltse Speculaas which is a specialty from my city Hasselt, they’re called Shortbread cookies in English).
I also showed him my pictures from when I met him EXACTLY 5 years ago when he was on Broadway in a play called “The Best Man” and he remembered it all and he was glad seeing the pictures (probably reminiscing about the days on Broadway back then😉) and then we took a pic together😉

All of a sudden he took us down to the stage and he asked me where my seats were so I told him I had seats waaaaay up high on the balcony. My friend then explained to him that we had to get seats way up high because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to see anything as I’m a lilliputter😉(1m30) and that way I was sure I’d be able to see everything. He said that it would be better for me to get seats closer to the stage then so he talked about it with someone from the band and all of a sudden they got 4 chairs and placed it ON STAGE on the side! Like seriously! I thought he meant somewhere in the front of the stage but nope, he got seats for us RIGHT ON STAGE😮😮😮😮 No way anyone sat closer to them then we were 😜

The concert was AMAZING! The music of the Beach Boys just has such amazing vibe you want to party all the time and that’s exactly what I did! Well I sang along with all the songs I knew (only a few of them I didn’t know but most of them I did) so I sang my heart out to every song and was drumming along with my hands on my legs just like John was drumming on his drums! I also made video’s so check the links down below!

John drumming on “Be True” (I missed the part when Mike told that the song was made in the year John was born, they ALWAYS do that part in EVERY show he’s in so I was so happy when they did it here too and then Mike is always like: I start and then you do a SMALL solo drum but John always does way more and that’s when I started filming)

It was soooooo great seeing John drum and play the guitar because he’s really AMAZING at it and you can just see how much he’s enjoying it to be able to perform with his friends on stage!

As John always does when he’s on tour with the Beach Boys he ALWAYS performs “Forever” and I didn’t notice till today that John actually dedicated that song to me!
What was great of him was that before he started the song he told about what happened in Manchester and that they were only a mile from the venue that got attacked and thanked the Beach Boys for their uplifting music and that was so nice of him to do that!

Here’s the video I made of “Forever:  John dedicating “Forever” to me

The previous last song was “Barbara Ann” and, as they always do, they got someone on stage, a woman along with her daughter, and all of sudden John came up to me, grabbed my hand and pointed out to Cindy behind me and told us to come on stage too!

So I walked on stage hand in hand with John and we had to sing along with him! That was soooooooo much fun because “Barbara Ann” is one of my favorite songs of them and I ALWAYS sing along to that song! It also takes me back to that episode they did in Full House when the whole cast got up on stage to sing with them in Hawaii and now I was the one on stage singing along with them!!! SO UNREAL BUT SOOOOO COOL!!!
He was filming us singing along with him on his own cellphone the whole time too!

(The pics you can see below from us on stage were taken by Valerie De Pever so thank you so much!!!)
Thankfully Valerie filmed “Forever” too and you can see her video here:
John performing “Forever”

After the concert we got back to the backstage area because we were told they would get us backstage again after the show but after a while someone who was also waiting asked the sercurity if they were still there and he went inside to look and everyone had already left😢 so we went back ouside and went back to the tourbus hoping we could see John again and all of a sudden someone noticed the car they arrived in and the whole band was already in it but John was still taking pics with fans and he luckily noticed me too. Right when the security urged him to get into the car he told them he had to say goodbye to me first so I asked him to sign my CD and booklet first and then he gave me a hug and kiss again and thanked me for coming!

John: YOU are the one who has to be thanked! I NEVER in a million years thought I would meet you again and def. not in my own country for that matter! What you did for me is just unbelievable and mind blowing and I will NEVER be able to thank you enough for EVERYTHING you did for me😘💜 Still can’t believe everything you arranged for me last night!

I’m soooooo glad that EXACTLY 5 years ago I met you for the first time and here’s hoping I can meet you again because then I’m bringing my mom cause she’s now SUPER jealous she had to miss all of it (especially as it’s the 2nd time we met without her) so you just HAVE to come back on tour with the Beach Boys again so she can meet you too😉

I will NEVER EVER forget this day!!!


Love always







VIP Tour

Posted on: 15/03/2015

Today was already our final excursion day😢 and it started with a delay cause the mini van who had to pick us up was 15 mins late!

When we got to the center point we saw 3 other mini vans who were gonna join us and to my excitement we saw Charissa again! She was our guide on Thursday too and was gonna be our guide today as well! She was happy to see us again too as we were the only ones she knew from before😉

She first explained on a map the places we would be going today before we left to go to our first stop.

This time the vans were divided by language: 3 vans with French speaking people and 1 with Dutch/Flemish ones (us)

Our first stop was in Veneguera where we visited a small museum with old subjects such as typing machines! We also so lizzards and turtles they had near the bar!

Our next stop was in San Nicholas where we got to take some pics of the beautiful nature such as a huge rock in 3 colors: yellow, green and blue.

Then we drove all the way up to the highest village of Gran Canaria which is in Artenara where we visited another cave house which was made into a museum. This one was way prettier😉

Then we drove to the highest mountain of Gran Canaria: Pico de las Nieves where you have an amazing view over Gran Canaria and way in the back you could even see the next island which is Tenerife!

Then it was finally time to have lunch.

After an hour we drove to our last stop for the day wich was the crater of Bandama! Here we had an amazing view too over the island!

Then we drove back South and got dropped off at our hotels again!

Tomorrow’s our final day already which will be a resting day😉😴

Enjoy my pics!



Hello everyone!

Today we had a half day excursion.

Our first stop was at the banana plantation where we walked around for half an hour and got explanation about how the bananas grow.

Then we drove to Puerto Rico where we took a ferry boat to Puerto Mogàn! We got 3 hours of spare time to walk around the little markets around the bay. Mom and I also went on a submarine adventure where we dove under water for about 40 mins. This was the closest thing diving under water for me so it was really fun to do and amazing to see some ship wrecks on the bottom of the water!

After 3 hours we drove back to our hotels with our bus( no ferry this time but just taking the highway back)

When we got back to our hotel we had lunch and rested for a bit cause I was tired 😜

After a while we decided to walk around the dike near the beach. 

After a good walk we went back to the hotel.

Enjoy the pics!